Services and Testimonials

Below is a list of services I offer and typical client results. If you'd like to work together on a project feel free to contact me via email. Please also have a look at the testimonials I've got from my clients.

Full-stack Software Development

I can build web-based business software (especially financial) for you. Having over a decade of product development experience, I can help you strike a balance between feature completness and implementation complexity. In other words, I can help you maximize value and minimize cost thus ensuring a good return on investment. I know how to handle the backend, frontend and operations so that you don't need to find more people.

Some projects I was involved in:

My technical expertise includes:


I can help you automate your infrastructure and development without introducing incidental complexity (not everyone needs Kubernetes). This will help you deliver work faster and with less defects without distracting your team from product work.

Example: Automated Stress Tests of a Distributed File System

I built tooling for automated scenario-based stress testing of a distrubted file system. It helped the team detect defects much earlier in the development cycle. What used to be detected in production under load could now be detected by a developer before committing.

Example: Flash Games – API Design and Automated Acceptance Tests

A company hired a software vendor to implement Flash games integrated with an API built by the company. The vendor required a lot of engineering support and shipped buggy games. I designed an API client the vendor used, developed a web portal for testing pre-release versions and automated acceptance testing with a custom tooling. This helped the company greatly reduce support overhead, eliminate bugs, and shorted the release cycle from weeks to days.

Example: Integrating Project Management and Review Apps

I helped a client set up review apps fed with masked production data and integrate them with their product management tools which helped non-developers participate in the development process before features were deployed to production. This reduced the back-and-forth between product managers, designers and developers.

Example: Custom Deployment Pipeline

I helped a client build a custom deployment pipeline that automatically synced the actual deployment status of stories with their project management software. This helped the product manager identify stories that are close to the finish line. By focusing on them, the team was able to ship features faster and reduce work-in-progress which in turn helped increase quality.

Example: Internal Scraping Proxy

I led a team of developers that built an internal scraping proxy. This helped the company centralize it's scraping know-how and reduce time-to-market for scraping-dependent products.

Product Consulting

If you can't decide which features to implement and how then I can help you strike the right balance between feature completness and implementation complexity. This will help you maximize return on investment and minimize future risks.

Example: Healthcare Compliance Startup

I advised a healthcare startup and helped them asses risks and costs of their vision. This helped them prioritize the right features and implement them in a cost-effective way without sacrificing quality. I also helped them pick their stack and outlined an architecture that won't hinder implementation of their product roadmap.

Rescue Missions

If your project is struggling with lots of bugs, slow pace of development and lots of support requests then I can help you get it back on track.

Example: 5-fold Reduction in Number of Lines of Code

I overhauled a fraud detection system and reduced the required amount of code 5 times. This resulted in faster pace of development, less bugs, and easier accomodation of new team members.


Andrew Dailey, CTO of MortgageHippo

Managing technology is all about trade-offs - where and how to spend limited time and resources to achieve business goals. I wouldn't have used this service if I didn't see how it was going to add value to my team without taking up too much of our time.

We received a comprehensive set of recommendations to improve our database performance with concrete implementation details focused on our specific technology architecture. We were able to implement these suggestions very quickly and see an immediate boost in performance.

The service was really streamlined to require very little effort on my part, which meant I was able to get the benefits of the service immediately instead of waiting until someone on our end had a lot of free time to dedicate to it.

The biggest benefits were:

  • Easy to implement recommendations to improve our database performance
  • Customized recommendations about changes to our Ruby on Rails infrastructure, from someone more knowledgable about the Rails roadmap than anyone on our team.
  • Analysis of real production data – so we know these recommendations will make a real difference.

I would definitely recommend this service to any company looking to get serious about the performance of their Ruby on Rails app. It would have taken our team weeks of research and testing to arrive at the insights provided.

Johnny J. Andersen, CTO and Product Manager of AutoButler

I have tried what I though were similar services before but did not get any real usable output. However, Greg provided actual useable output, running his scripts and gathering data were simple. All this without having to grant super-admin access to an outside entity.

Even though we have several systems for providing us with insights on a number of performance variables, prioritizing and acting on them can be time consuming. Greg gave us a list of things that was expected to have the highest impact. This freed up time from our dev-team and is almost guaranteed to save us more money than the service costs in 1-2 months.

I'd definitely recommend Greg’s services – they’re professional, easy to use, and actually do what they say on the package.

Łukasz Jeziorski, CEO of PlumResearch

We are not used to upfront payments, especially 100%, but somehow I got this through.

I got a report fully tailored towards my business problem. It saved me tones of money and a lot of time as my developers caught onto it instantly – no questions asked.

I really liked the first conversation - Greg was clearly focused on helping me reach my business goals, even though I was searching for a tech consultant.

He also had a clear understanding of what we do, which saved us a lot of time from the start. He providing a ready to implement formula, which today is one of the most important lines of code within our company.

Would I recommend Greg’s services? Hell yes! I got everything we agreed on in a timely manner which is not so obvious these days.

And by the way: I still want to hire him - full time! :-)

Grégoire Clermont, Co-founder and CTO of LiveMentor

It only took me a few minutes to run Greg's script, which generated a database profile that I sent him. It turns out that our app fetched a lot of unused data on every single page load. Greg also pointed out a few other queries that were slowing our app down. He gave us simple fixes for all of these issues that we'll be able to implement in under an hour. On top of that he did all this with no access to our code or database!