Fractional CTO

Turning ideas into products and teams



Ensure your product, technology and business are heading in the right direction.


Prototype, validate, and iterate to ensure you're building the right thing.

Product Development

Build a usable, well‑tested and reliable product prepared to accommodate future growth.

Project Management

Make sure your team is working on the right things and delivers quality work.


Improve your developers' work quality and increase their skills at the same.

Technological Review

Find and fix problems in your product and technology and change processes so that they won't happen again.


We are investing in Hotwire and multi-page architecture to simplify and reduce our codebase. We hired Greg to migrate parts of our application from the old single-page architecture to the new architecture, and re-implement some components from our Tailwind and Material Design design system along the way.

Working with Greg was excellent! From the outset, he understood why we made the technical decisions to implement Hotwire, Tailwind and Material Design. This made it very easy to clarify how we wanted those parts of the application to function and look.

What I liked most about working together was how easy it was to describe what we wanted to accomplish and then Greg would return with those changes completed and ready for review. Additionally, he was able to promote improvements along the way that we will be able to use in other parts of the application.

The project went smoothly and was 100% remote. We were able to resolve all issues quickly in Slack or during short weekly calls.

I’d definitely recommend working with Greg! It’s wonderful to work with someone who understands our internal goals and then works autonomously to improve our application towards those goals.

Cory Buecker
Engineering Manager at Poll Everywhere

My co-founder and I aren’t web developers but wanted to build an MVP. We were looking for someone trustworthy who could ship features despite a shaky and insecure foundation — someone to make good decisions from day 1 and set our business and product up for success in the long run.

Greg turned out to be the right person and working with him has been great. He was able to take our product from 0 to 1 and develop a well-scoped (but very functional!) MVP all on his own without much of a team to back him up and without much direction. We loved his ability to self-direct and turn vague product requirements into concrete steps that could be executed sequentially while delivering incremental improvements to our customers.

An example of a situation that Greg handled really well was integrating code delivered by our data science team with the client-facing application he was building. He turned our Python code into a scalable service which allowed multiple resource-intensive statistical models to be run simultaneously.

If you’re looking for someone to take care of the whole product development process — requirements gathering, project management, architecture, infrastructure, development, operations — then I definitely recommend working with Greg.

Michael Kaminsky
Co-Founder at Recast

Greg was fantastic to work with. I greatly appreciated his creative product thinking, and the fact that he was able to turn loose requirements into well thought out and functional product designs. His ability to do high-level strategic thought and actual implementation is rare and valuable. I look forward to working with Greg on future projects.

Chase McAleese
Co-founder and COO, Everest Health

We are not used to upfront payments, especially 100%, but somehow I got this through.

I got a report fully tailored towards my business problem. It saved me tones of money and a lot of time as my developers caught onto it instantly - no questions asked.

I really liked the first conversation - Greg was clearly focused on helping me reach my business goals, even though I was searching for a tech consultant.

He also had a clear understanding of what we do, which saved us a lot of time from the start. He providing a ready to implement formula, which today is one of the most important lines of code within our company.

Would I recommend Greg’s services? Hell yes! I got everything we agreed on in a timely manner which is not so obvious these days.

And by the way: I still want to hire him - full time! :-)

Lukasz Jeziorski
CEO at Plum Research

Managing technology is all about trade-offs - where and how to spend limited time and resources to achieve business goals. I wouldn’t have used this service if I didn’t see how it was going to add value to my team without taking up too much of our time.

We received a comprehensive set of recommendations to improve our database performance with concrete implementation details focused on our specific technology architecture. We were able to implement these suggestions very quickly and see an immediate boost in performance.

The service was really streamlined to require very little effort on my part, which meant I was able to get the benefits of the service immediately instead of waiting until someone on our end had a lot of free time to dedicate to it.

The biggest benefits were:

  1. Easy to implement recommendations to improve our database performance.
  2. Customized recommendations about changes to our Ruby on Rails infrastructure, from someone more knowledgeable about the Rails roadmap than anyone on our team.
  3. Analysis of real production data - so we know these recommendations will make a real difference.

I would definitely recommend this service to any company looking to get serious about the performance of their Ruby on Rails app. It would have taken our team weeks of research and testing to arrive at the insights provided.

Andrew Dailey
CTO at MortgageHippo

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